Animal Edutainment Inc.
is seeking support for our educational efforts.

Animal Edutainment's programs reach thousands of people every year.  We also provide a permanent home for over 65 animals at our facility in Aubrey, Texas.

There are three ways to support us:

First: Our GoFundMe Campaign


Sponsorships by individuals or companies for wildlife education programs for the many schools and non-profit organizations that cannot afford programs in their normal budgets. Every dollar will go for programs for groups in need.

We are very interested in finding someone that shares our passion for wildlife and the environment.  We believe it is extremely important for the next generation to have opportunities to learn about the natural world, and the difference they can make.  If you love animals, and are looking for a long term capital investment to partner in a company that provides a unique public service, consider the difference your philanthropy can make on the future.  We would provide up close encounters and experiences with our animals for you. We would also provide animal appearances for your special events.

We would like to guarantee the future of Animal Edutainment. A great couple Mr. & Mrs. W.M Henebry made it possible for us to start this unique organization that has served the community since 1990.  Our goal is to find like minded animal lovers, and those that care deeply for educating future generations to want to help protect the natural world, to help us raise $70,000 which would put us in the black.

Please contact David Kleven at or (940) 365-9741