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Welcome Back to School!   Celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet by learning about animals, and the places that they live.  This fall we celebrate Native American Heritage Month and Hispanic Heritage Month.  Texas animals are a part of these heritages.  Click the hotlink below that says "View Animals" to discover some of the cool animals that are found in Texas, as well as other animals from around the world. When you are through, click the hotlink below that says "Go to Activities" to check-out other cool stuff you'll want to try at home. 

Kids - Send us letters and animal drawings, include your grade, and name of school you attend. We'd like to post our favorites. Make sure you have your parents send us a note, giving us permission to publish your creations on our web site.

Parents - Let us know what you would like to see in the Kid's Den in the future. 

Email us at To mail letters and artwork click here.

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Check out these fun activities to learn more about Texas animals and Native American Heritage.  Go to activities

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