Distinctly Different, Uniquely Qualified

             Professional Memberships & Affiliations:
            American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK)
Animal Behavioral Management Alliance (ABMA)
             American Zoo & Aquarium Association (AZA)
             Informal Science Educators Association (ISEA)
             TX Assoc. of Environmental
Educators (TAEE)
             Texas Aquarium & Zoo Educators (TAZE)
             TX Environmental Education Partnership (TEEP)
             Texas Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
             Zoological Assoc. of America (ZAA)

Dave has the remarkable ability to capture children's attention and win their adoration. He began in high school when he worked as costume character Chuck E. Cheese. He quickly learned the magic of animated communication and unwavering patience.

Prior to enrolling as a student at America's Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College in 1988, Dave worked for thoroughbred race horse trainer Penny Lewis, and worked as a docent at Como Zoo in MN. While attending America's Teaching Zoo, Dave gained valuable experience with internships at Los Angeles Zoo, Santa Barbara Zoo, Monkey Jungle, and Universal Studios in Hollywood.



- 2009 to present:  Safe animal handling techniques, and public speaking. Zoo Staff and Volunteers.

- 1997: “Exotic Animal Behavior & Handling”, Cedar Valley College Veterinary Technician Program

- 1996: Cooke County College – Animal Kid Camp

- 1994 – present: TEEAC endorsed site – Professional Development Seminars for educators

- 1991 & 1992: “Exotic Animal Identification and Restraint Methods” Texas Department of Health.


Special Speaker:

- 2016   Education Workshop for the Zoological Association of America Mid-Year Conference.

- 2013 “The Three I’s” – for the Zoological Association of America Conference.

- 2011   "Frank Bring Em' Back Alive - Who Inspired you" for the APWE Conference.

- 2010  "History of the Association of Professional Wildlife Educators" for TAZE Conference.

- 2002: TX Dept. of Health Conference on regulations related to “Dangerous Animal” legislation.

- 2001- 2009: Presented programs for Discovery Network’s Animal Planet.

- 2000- present North Texas Regional Library System

- 1998:  Dallas Zoological Society

- 1996 - “Environmental Nuts and Bolts” Texas PTA

- 1996 - present: Regular television segments on DFW area TV stations.


Related Activities:

- 2016- present:  Named Chair of the Education Committee for Zoological Association of America.

- 2012- present:  Serve on Education Committee for Zoological Association of America.

- 2007 Recognized with HR 505 by the Texas House of Representatives for our outreach programs.

- 2006- present: Appeared on episodes of Animal Planet’s The Most Extreme animal series.

- 2002: Provided Animal Ambassadors for Animal Planet’s Crocodile Hunter’s Steve & Terry Irwin when in DFW.

- 2001 - 2009: provided animal ambassadors for Discovery Network and Animal Planet Expo Tour.

- 2001- 2005: Worked on cooperative program with University of North Texas, graduate students ORCA program.

- 2001: Provided Animal Ambassadors for Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin for appearance in TX.

- 2000 - present: Provides Animal Ambassadors for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom’s Jim Fowler, Peter Gros, and Stephanie Arne.

- 1999 - present: Provides Animal Ambassadors for Jack Hanna, Columbus Zoo.

- 1997 - present: Consultant to TX House Representatives & Senators on issues of proposed animal legislation.

- 1997 - present: Consultant to TX Dept. of Health regarding Rabies regulations and  “Dangerous Animal” legislation.

- 1993 -present: Reviewer of animal related children’s materials for Reviews from Parent Council.

- 1990 -present: Designs and edits environmental education resource materials for educators.